Lost Black Cats 35th Squadron


Taiwan | 2018 | 92 minutes | Documentary | Mandarin (English sub)
​Director: 楊佈新 Jonathan Yang


​5/26 10:00 am

During the Cold War, 28 pilots of the Black Cat Squadron joined a secret mission with a chance of survival lower than Russian Roulette. Their life stories beg the unanswerable question: Who is a real hero?

Over the course of a fourteen-year mission, seven pilots lost their lives in training, and three on the mission. Another two were shot down and captured, never seeing home for more than two decades. Director Jonathan Yang sought to make sure their touching story would never be forgotten. Racing against time, he trekked from Asia to America to Europe and spent five years recording the last remaining days of these officers. Through the officers’ stories, and in their own seemingly lighthearted words, Yang portrays the ethos of that big era in history: solid loyalty and common values.

45 years after the last mission of the Black Cat team, the documentary speaks out the voice of this era again. It gives us a strong and gentle reminder to not forget people who have guarded us. As the film’s director said, “This is the memoir I want to leave to the next generation”.





Late Life:

The Chien-Ming Wang Story


USA/Taiwan | 2018 | 99 minutes | Documentary | Mandarin (Eng sub)
​Director: 陳惟揚 Frank W. Chen


​5/26 2:00 pm

As the first and only Taiwanese player for the New York Yankees, Chien-Ming Wang held many titles: American League Wins Leader, World Series Champion, Olympian, Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential, and The Pride of Taiwan. He had it all - until a 2008 injury forever altered the course of his career.


”Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story” - named after the late-sinking action of his signature pitch - follows the rise and fall of an international icon as he fights his way back into the Major Leagues through endless rehab programs and lengthy stints away from home, carrying the weight of the world on his battered shoulder. A poignant and intimate account of Wang’s steadfast quest, “Late Life” tells the story of a man who is unwilling to give up and unable to let go.



本紀錄片讓觀眾感受王建民不為人知的另一面和一路辛苦付出的過程。而這一切也呼應了片名《後勁LATE LIFE》的意義(LATE LIFE在棒球術語,指的是球在最後進到捕手手套時的尾勁,一個階段旅程的漂亮收尾)。




Taiwan | 2018 | 99 minutes | Documentary | Taiwanese (English sub)
​Director: 楊力州 Li-Chou Yang


5/26 7:00 pm

Chen Hsi-Huang is the eldest son of puppet master Li Tian-Lu. Li Tian-Lu married into the Chen family, and gave the surname to his eldest son. A special relationship developed between father and son, and Chen became a master of his father’s craft. In 2009, at the age of 79, Master Chen left the Li family and set up his own troupe, which soon earned recognition all over the world. Nevertheless, this traditional art declined rapidly and Chen found no disciple to inherit his great skill.

Being a fan of puppetry, Director Yang Li-Chou named his studio “Backstage”: shooting documentary films, just like the backstage of puppetry, is to help people reveal a world. The production of “Father” lasted for ten years. It not only recorded the mission of an eighty-year-old elder to build his legacy, but also explored the conflicts between the two generations. This film shows the master’s intelligent skills to give the puppet life on the big screen, trying to inject the unique charm of the traditional puppet show and bring it back to ordinary people.




The Silent Teacher​


Taiwan | 2017 | 73 minutes | Documentary | Mandarin (English sub)
​Director: 陳志漢 Maso Chen


5/27 10:00 am

In Taiwan, a human body used for medical dissection is called “a silent teacher”. This film tells the story of Mrs. Lin, whose body will be dissected the next year. In the dissection class, Mrs. Lin, the “silent teacher”, will definitely teach the medical students and her family more about the meaning of life.




A Journey with Invisible Friends


Taiwan | 2018 | 118 minutes | Documentary | Taiwanese (English sub)
​Director: 林明謙 Ming-Chien Lin


5/27 1:00 pm

It's 2016, and director Mitch Lin is about to make a documentary about the nature of karma and causality, curious to explore these mysteries with the help of "channels" who can relay messages from gods and spirits. On the first day of shooting, Mitch is surprised to learn that the gods are contacting him through their channels: they want Mitch to resolve some karmic issues in his family and help the victims of the earthquake in Taiwan earlier that year, in order for him to earn the right to tell this story.

On that day, Mitch embarks on an “invisible journey”, meeting spirit mediums and shamanic healers, and undergoing challenges, including one with 17th century Chinese naval hero Koxinga who expelled the Dutch colonizers from Taiwan and is now revered as a god. Koxinga reveals a startling secret and then gives Mitch and his crew a difficult mission: to seek out the Siraya, an aboriginal tribe who are historical occupants of an ancient battleground, and to work hand-in-hand with them to heal the memories of this wounded field.





​Our Youth in Taiwan


Taiwan | 2019 | 118 minutes | Documentary | Mandarin (English sub)
​Director: 傅榆 Yue Fu

Stories of bidding farewell to one’s youth and growing up are commonplace. This film’s protagonists share a dream to build a better country by rebelling against the establishment. However, their fight becomes part of history in the turbulent relations between Taiwan and China.

In the filmmaker’s words: “A Taiwanese student movement star, who fights against China, a celebrity Chinese student, who loves Taiwan, and I, a Taiwanese documentary filmmaker passionate about politics. Clashes should come between us, but we find the possibility of collaborating with each other in the social movements. After the biggest social movement in Taiwan in the past 24 years had taken place, we came close to realizing our goals but gradually we were let down again. Is it still possible for us to continue fighting for the ideals we had been pursuing?”





5/27 7:00 pm